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Enjoy FREE Porn sites

The page that is equipped with this label means that it is totally free and in it you can consume porn without prior registration. These xxx sites are usually the classic porn tubes, sites of porn videos that are characterized by their well-known format of division and their internal search, although here we also have specialized sites in a single category ( Categories ).

Sites that allow Downloads

This tag goes hand in hand with free sites since most of these (in the case of our list) have this option. On the other hand we would dare to say that absolutely all the premium porn web sites allow downloads once registered.

HD Porn sites for Mobile

We could do without this mobile porn web tag since 98% of our selection is adapted for different devices. But we are aware that it is always good to have this data as it may have played a bad trick.


What do we mean by tube porn ?

It is the most common format of porn websites that distribute videos over the internet. These tube sites are usually free and some have higher payment options that give access to higher quality content. Our selection is based essentially on this type of free sites that have wide variety of categories.

This type of page allows us to access an almost unlimited number of HD porn videos shared by users themselves. These videos can be self-produced ( amateur ) or outside the user (professional). Nowadays there are many sites of this type and most of them are flooded with SPAM, viruses, annoying redirects ... and a long list of negative characteristics that only make the nerves to the users themselves.

This is where we come in. We dedicate ourselves to look for the best, and the best (that would be the best porn sites tube ). Premium ( Premium porn sites ).

All porn site that offers you, is carefully selected by the quality of Content that it distributes. More than 85% of the selection is directed to free porn sites of video and that makes us focus mainly on the positive and quality elements that they offer.

What are the factors that influence us when selecting a porn site?

The player, in the case of the sites of porn videos, and the elements and functions of which it is formed, plays a key role in the selection. From this observation we give the nod or not, depending on the following factors: that the video player is first hand (ie not extracted from other sites xxx), which has HD options (either Manual or automatic), which has the option DOWNLOAD (ie we can download the porn videos we are watching), minimal SPAM intervention, and lastly, it is adapted To different mobile devices.

After this comes the strong point, which will give us more influence when selecting a page or not. This is the quality of the content. It is the most essential of all points, regardless of whether you abstain from any of the five functions listed above.

What elements allow us to determine video quality?

First and foremost, it is the content itself of the video. Secondly the graphic quality of the multimedia file (HD, full HD, 4k ...). Third is how new the video is. And finally its duration.

If we join these four points we get the perfect porn video: a video of an entire scene, new and high quality graphics and content.

These are the key factors with which XBusca is based on selecting and Update a porn page. On the other hand we also look at secondary elements such as web design, ease of navigation, etc.